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Welcome to the AAAS Science & Technology Fellowships travel/training approval system.

This site provides the policies, guidelines, and forms for processing stipends and reimbursements. This information applies only to fellows who hold Independent Contractor status (those who receive stipends directly from AAAS). Fellows who are hired by their host agency as temporary federal employees under USG Schedule A, or who receive their stipend and/or allowances through a third party, have separate agency/third party financial guidelines and forms.

In order to receive approval you must enter information in all fields.This information will be forwarded to your agency point of contact/mentor. Once your host office approves, AAAS staff will review this information to grant travel approval within two business days. You will receive an initial email when you submit your request, along with emails when your supervisor and AAAS make a decision.

TIP: Remember to use resources, such as Concur, to book your travel. Ask for travel advances once you receive approval, as this can help you with the financial burdens of travel.